Confessions of a Pakistani (bigot)


Indians are bigots, India is a bully; a nation full of intolerant Hindu fundamentalists who are adamant that all Muslims are secretly Pakistanis and all Pakistanis are secretly Muslims. Hindus are worse than Nazis. They should be eliminated. I cannot stand them; I cannot even stand PM Modi. I think he’s a bigot, an Islamophobe who feeds on blood of innocent pubescent Muslim girls

Bloody vampire……

I suffer from bouts of selective amnesia and conveniently forget that only a few years ago, 8 innocent Christians were lynched in Gorja. Oh and I also forget burning down of a whole Christian neighbourhood in Lahore. Did I mention that I even forget mentioning the Christian couple that was burnt alive by a halal Muslim mob? Also I always forget about Sabeen Mahmud, Rimsha Masih , Shahbaz bhatti, 70 kafirs who were killed in the Peshawar Church attack and countless poor innocent “infidels” killed across land of the pure; Its not halal to be impure in the land of the pure. I also secretly forget to recall what happened to Mughess and Muneeb butt in Sialkot or teachers, Scholars , muftis, activists in various cities.Oh dear, it’s just hard for my tiny brain to remember everything.

Ah, it’s been a rough day. Watching Muslims being lynched and killed in India makes my heart bleed and my skin crawl. I want to go there and save my Muslim brethren. It makes me so happy to see Ghazi Mumtaz Qardi being idolized and worshipped. He saved our deen by killing the bloody kafir Taseer man who had the audacity to question our laws. Did I tell you how beautifully he recites the Quran; it is so soothing. I’ve decided to name my son after him. I wish he were released soon so I can go and meet him.

How can those filthy Indian Hindus just falsely accuse an innocent Muslim man of consuming beef and beat him to death. Atleast in Pakistan, we let them recite the shahdah and then shoot them. Bloody Hindus I swear.

Ahamadis and Shias are an exception because they are kafirs. Did I tell you they are secretly Hindus? I am so glad Dr Salam’s tombstone doesn’t say first “Muslim” noble laureate anymore. My deen was saved once again. Those bloody Indian Hindus are polluting our genes and marrying our people. In Pakistan we only threaten them to convert or get abducted or killed. People have a choice in this free country. Bloody filthy Indians I swear…..

I cant thank god enough for giving us the opportunity to declare Ahamadi Muslims kafir. Religious diversity… huh what? Sorry. Let me first thank my people for saving my deen yet again. Those bloody Indian Hindus want to contaminate our religion. They ought to know the difference between halal and haram Muslims; they can always hire our fatwa brigades for those technicalities.

My heart aches when I read about religious and ethnic riots happening in the kafir neighbour country. I am so glad that we don’t let intolerance engulf our souls or hatred penetrate us in this country; its haram. Our goal is only to let deen conquer every heart and soul; equality? Yes it comes with rejecting religious pluralism. Equality means uniformity. Don’t question me now. What you read in school was utter nonsense. Those filthy Indian Hindus want to harm us. Stay away, stay away.

Alhamdulilah, we are so much better than those fundo Indian Hindus. We respect and value all our people; obviously in a hierarchal order. Muslims at the top and rest at the bottom. I judge you by the length of your beard and venom that you can spew against other religions and of course Indians, Hindus, everyone (read EVERYONE).

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~ by zainrezashah on October 22, 2015.

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