The Chador woman of Quetta

Why not worship you?

You instil fear in my heart, your toxicity is repulsive and only you know what upsets you……

It was a sea of humanity, all worshipping the same power, all flaunting their exquisite silk robes. She wet her palms with sputum and reached for her hair. The hot, dry desert air had damaged her curly luscious locks. She had lost her only chador when a group of Bedouins attacked and assaulted her for fetching water from the nearby well. The event left her a bit shaken but she was from Quetta and women from that part of land of the pure are heroic and courageous.

She let them take the chador, she would buy a new one when she goes back to Quetta.

It was a hot day and her parched lips longed for water to quench her thirst. She was surrounded by a million saddened souls, all-waiting for their return to their creator, wanting to die in the promised land, chanting hymnes and praying.

She had gotten married to the soldier from Quetta in December last year and as a honeymoon present, he had promised to make her mother to his kids. She found the idea beautiful and couldn’t wait to raise her own family. Unfortunately, he couldn’t join her on this sacred journey, as he had to go and fight infidels to protect the borders of the land of the pure

She was alone, vulnerable but unfazed. She would attack anyone who tired to approach her to ask if she was on this journey all by herself.

She was alone and he was fighting the unbelievers. The scared journey was a long and tiring 20-day expedition from Quetta to the promised land.

A million souls and she were alone, until she saw him. He was a shy Caucasian with defined jawline and sinister eyes. He talked her into swimming in a nearby lake with snakes slithering in the nearby bushes. His charm and bulging veins in those hands made her heart skip a beat. Quetta was distant memory now, a place so alien to her, so new…..

Caucasian didn’t say a word, he pushed her into the water; he fumbled a bit, spreading his legs to cover more ground so not to fall into the water.

She felt warm and protected. The humid and sweltering intensity of the day slowly transformed into waves slapping across her exposed petite frame. She felt euphoric and un-shackled. It was surreal and he also slowly submerged himself into the blessed water. A moment later she felt the stiffness of his chest against her back. He wrapped his hands around her neck really tight. She made noises that could be confused between shrieks of helplessness and wails of weakness.

He did let go of her, but only once she had stopped resisting. He didn’t let her come to the shore; he didn’t let her find the chador. He apologized, but she didn’t respond, only made a slight obscene motion of her bosom. She refused to speak to him.

He was remorseful but there was nothing he could do. As he started swimming back to the surface, she hissed…


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~ by zainrezashah on October 10, 2015.

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